Comfort During Finals

We know that finals are coming up. It is important to us that you have the best environment in which to nail those physiology, pharmacological, nursing, etc. exams. Remember, there are group study rooms that you can reserve. Click on the Make A Reservation Now button in top left hand corner.

The 3rd floor of Ebling is designated as a quiet zone, including the areas on the UW Hospital side. Though we can’t guarantee how long they will last, we will be putting out snacks or treats for students the week of the 11th, just inside the entrance. We will also have postcards that you can send to loved ones! Like Ebling on Facebook if you’d like to keep track of when snacks will occur.

As always, you can borrow lap tops, head sets, blankets, etc. at the Service Desk on the 2nd floor.

If you feel that the quiet is being compromised, if something is wrong with your surroundings, if there is something amiss in the restrooms…let us know. Best wishes on your finals, safe travels, and have a great summer off (or congratulations on being employed or starting your boards). Concerns, issues, compliments?

Pictured, left hand, Rachel Nellessen, right hand, Sam Thompson, both 2nd year School of Pharmacy students. Lollipops by Mary Hitchcock, School of Nursing Liaison Librarian.