Construction Continues, Disruption Increases, Caring Heightens

Welcome to the exciting world of summer construction, in what you expect to be a quiet, contemplative space; Ebling Library. Our profuse apologies up front. The construction on our 2nd and 3rd floors promises to go at least until the 2nd week of August. After that you will see many spatial enhancements. In the meantime, for your comfort here are a few suggestions.

1) The glassed in Historical Reading Room on the 3rd floor is often quieter than the open spaces. You are welcome to work in there.

2) There are ear protectors near the HSLC 2nd floor elevator, near the Library’s Circulation desk, and will soon be available at the desk itself. Just ask.

3) Go elsewhere (but promise to come back). Steenbock Library is not too far afield, at 550 Babcock Drive. There is a wonderful graduate student lounge at Memorial Library, downtown, at 728 State St. Ask at the front desk, they will point you to the lounge.

4) Go elsewhere (closer). Both the Schools of Nursing and Pharmacy have multiple areas for study, with WiFi, etc.

Please let us know if you need anything during this dynamic interlude.

And this from the School of Medicine & Public Health:
Please remember, the HSLC is going to be a functioning construction site over the next year, so the building will be louder than normal and different areas of the building will be opening and closing on different dates. The construction team is working hard to minimize noise during normal class hours throughout Fall and Spring semesters. We apologize for any inconvenience but are very excited about the big changes to come to the HSLC. Thanks for your continued patience while we improve your building! And here is the UW HSLC Enhancement Project Website

Two views of the 3rd floor former Journal area…it’s changed a wee bit.