Thanks IR Students, You Helped Us Transform

Over the past two years Ebling Library’s Transformation Project group removed, relocated or deaccessioned 100,000 journals from our third floor. We cannot let the summer go by without giving a shout-out to our former Information Resources (IR) student employees who played a vital role in successfully completing this project by its deadline.

As soon as the Transformation plans became official, the student employees in Ebling’s IR department were asked to stop their typical library work and contribute to this much larger project. From the early planning days of measuring shelves and counting volumes, through the many months of packing up boxes (over 9,000!) and sending journals to campus storage, teams of students worked together to keep the project moving along on track.

Many journals with online access will not be kept on campus so IR students also helped to analyze journal content and remove advertisements, important articles, and ephemera to save in a collection in Ebling’s historical Vault.

Throughout all of the stress, sore muscles & bruises, and moments of chaos and sheer frustration we did have a lot of silly, good times too! (Sometimes it’s important to give your Sharpie markers names, right?)

Our thanks go to Jamie Beitel, Brittney Boldt, Patrick Coleman, Miranda Dam, Salvatore DiVita, Amanda Dombkiewicz, MaryGrace Floeter, Michael Kaelin, Elease McLaurn, Kayla Naus, Devin Schneider, Jiabao Zhang, Shanti Varma-Lenz, and Tanner Wolf.

Contributed by IR supervisor, Amanda Lambert.

View of IR with journals ready for review. There were hundreds of cartloads brought from the 3rd to the 2nd floor.