Brief Updates for the New PubMed

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) is continuing to modify and tweak the new PubMed and as of this writing, there is no official date for the changeover to the new PubMed. Ebling will continue to monitor and keep its users aware of any news on this situation.

Ebling advises its users to go in and experiment. Please be aware of important issues:

1) Once you enter the new PubMed, the browser’s cookies will default to the new PubMed each time. To revert to the current version, simply open the current (“legacy”) PubMed—the link to it can be found in the header of new PubMed—and the cookies will then default back to current PubMed.

2) Do you rely on your NCBI account regularly? If so, use the current PubMed. Certain features in My NCBI accounts, such as Recent Activity, are not yet fully functioning in the new PubMed, which may affect users’ experience.

3) Along with the interface re-design, one of the major changes to new PubMed is how it searches. The new PubMed now adds on many more terms to a search than before, which some users may find useful and others may not.

4) Are you researching for a systematic review or other major review? If so, use the current PubMed for now.

Ebling advises researchers conducting systematic reviews or other major searches that require reproducibility and/or transparency in searching to continue using the current PubMed and not new PubMed as it will affect the amount of results they get.

5) Do you have questions about new PubMed, wonder about a certain feature, or want an old feature back?

NLM is encouraging users to provide feedback using the green feedback button found on every page in the new PubMed.