Part of the Health Sciences (all species) Team on the West Side of Campus

Members of our animal families play a large part in human’s health and well being. Scout’s Dad, the CEO of WeatherTech, wanted to thank UW-Madison’s School of Veterinary Medicine (SVM) by letting the world know about the excellent care Scout had received at SVM. There will be an ad running in the Super Bowl commercials this Sunday, applauding the care and research happening at SVM. Congratulations SVM. We are proud to be your partner on the (Health Sciences!) West Side of campus.

SVM has provided stickers (water bottle, lap top, bumper sticker art) depicting Scout and the #Petsmakeadifference campaign. Ebling has made some available on the front desk, in case a trek to SVM is not in today’s schedule. Take a break from studying this Sunday, watch the game, no time for the game…watch Scout in his SVM commercial!