Showcase Your Presentation/News/Event at Ebling

We are excited to introduce the new Ebling Library Announcement Board. Even if we are mostly remote(ly) located, there are still health sciences students, faculty and staff occupying Ebling Library. The Board is permanently housed in the main section of the library, just past the service desk. Our intrepid ISchool graduate student, Katie Davis, who is often in person to help patrons, was instrumental in getting the Announcement Board up in our refurbished space.

This will be a collective space for announcements relating to the SMPH, HSLC, Ebling Library, and to a lesser degree, the UW-Madison campus broadly. If you have a flyer for an upcoming event, lecture, fundraiser, educational opportunity, clinical study, or the like, please request to have it added to the Board by submitting the flyer to a student worker at the service desk. Once approved, your submission will be date-stamped and posted, then taken down after the event is through. If you wish to post something of a personal nature, please use one of the public announcement boards in the HSLC.

Consider “advertising” your next departmental ZOOM, etc. on Ebling’s Announcement Board. Thank you, Katie!


Pictured, Katie Davis, at the Board!