Statement of Support for the AAPI Community

The staff of Ebling Library joins UW’s School of Medicine & Public Health (SMPH) and General Library System (GLS) in condemning an environment in which those in the American Asian Pacific Island Community (AAPI) are targeted, persecuted, culturally marginalized, or denied equal and just treatment due to their heritage. We, in the health sciences community, are particularly aware of the outwardly heinous acts that have left AAPI people vulnerable because of the COVID-19 paradigm of virus transmission politics and blame focused on the Chinese. Incidents of hate against AAPI have escalated since the U.S. began its Safer at Home initiatives, culminating in the shooting in Atlanta, Georgia this spring.

As with other public health initiatives, including the dismantling of systemic racialized approaches to health care of people of color, we will inform others about resources that will help inform their patients, communities, and neighbors about tangible support of the AAPI community.  To that end we will begin building a resource list of websites, printed resources, blogs, and programs that will help encourage your allyship, your care, and your inclusion, with the AAPI (and more broadly the AIDPA, UW Madison’s Asian, Pacific Islander and Desi American) patients, colleagues, and friends.

Below are some examples. These and other resources will be incorporated into the existing Ebling Library Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Research Guide.


Image detail by Pixabay. Full image here