Ebling Journals Housed in Storage; Now Available

Ebling Library’s Transformation continues with the relocation of a major portion of the 3rd floor journals to an offsite storage facility on UW’s campus. The Middleton Storage Facility holds journals from other campus libraries and is receiving journals from the Ebling Library at the rate of about 150 boxes per week. These journals generally cover the period from the mid-1920s to the early 2000’s. The journals that are being stored generally do not have an online or digitized format so the journals are being retained for present and future research needs.

All journals sent to the Middleton Shelving Facility will be available to users with their NetID. For example, say you would like to see an entire issue of a journal, say Vol. 79 (no. 6) from November 1995 of The Medical Clinics of North America. Look up the title of the journal in the Library Catalog.

Type in: The Medical Clinics of North America.
On the right hand side of the screen, in blue, there is a link: VIEW OR REQUEST AN ISSUE
It also lists Middleton Shelving Facility as the holder of the journal. Click on the VIEW OR REQUEST AN ISSUE
The issues that are available are listed chronologically, and there is a blue REQUEST link to the right of the available issue.
The next screen suggests the issue, your name, and where you would like to pick up the journal. You can have the issues sent to any campus library for your review and checkout.

Please keep in mind that the library needs about 24-48 hours to retrieve the needed volumes as the storage facility is only open to staff Monday through Friday from 8AM to 4PM.

If you have a NetID and are simply seeking an article from, say, Endokrinologie from 1949, you go to Ebling’s Article & Book Delivery tab (under Materials on Ebling’s home page) and click on the red Article & Book Delivery in the upper right hand corner. Fill out the form with your needed information and the author, title, pages, year and volume number of the necessary article, and a pdf will be sent to your e-mail.

Questions? Call us at 608 262-2020 or email eblingcirc@hsl.wisc.edu
For extensive historical research in the journal collections contact Micaela.sullivan-fowler@wisc.edu or call 608 262-2402