Ebling’s Online Art Journal Corpus Callosum’s Spring 2022 Issue is Live!

The Spring 2022 issue of Ebling’s online art journal, Corpus Callosum has arrived!

This is the 4th stellar issue of Corpus, which once again encapsulates the landscape we have navigated the last two years. Following her sage introduction, managing editor, Lia Vellardita ended with this, “…I invite you to explore these many-layered pieces individually as well as enjoy them as a complex whole, much like spring itself, and marvel at the creations that members of our community have birthed into the world.”

And with that, we are thrilled to share the latest in paintings, photos, audio pieces, digital renderings, crafts, and written work from UW-Madison’s health sciences community of students, staff, and faculty. Enjoy, find comfort, discover how multi-talented your colleagues, classmates and friends truly are.

Thumbnail on home page is a portion of the ethereal “At Cliff’s Edge” by Serena Wisner
School of Medicine and Public Health
Digital painting